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Ground Cloths

Ground Cloth

It’s always a good idea to use a ground cloth.  It will protect the bottom of your pool from the risk of puncture – even if the ground has been thoroughly cleared of stones before setting up the pool, there’s always more waiting beneath the soil to worm their way up to the surface.  If the ground cloth extends beyond the size of your pool it will also protect the surrounding grass from splashed water, which can accumulate and turn the area to mud very quickly.  A ground cloth is particularly effective when used with inflatable pools as, without a frame to share the burden of the weight of the water, they are more likely to suffer from damage on the base.  Having an extra layer between the bottom of the pool and the ground will also provide extra heat insulation.

The Intex ground cloth comes in a ‘one fits all’ size, while Bestway offer a range of sizes.   


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