Pool Heaters are a simple and effective way to warm up water in your above ground pool so that you are able to get inside of it sooner, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment to swim, paddle or play in. It is also able to keep you swimming further into the cool weather months, when most people are winterizing their swimming pool until the following year. We would recommend purchasing a solar cover for your above ground pool to keep as much heat in your pool water as possible as well as use the sun to gently heat your pool by approximately 2oC.

The electric pool heater has two hose outlets, one of which connects it to a filter pump and the other to your above ground pool. Clear, clean and pristine water is pumped into the above ground pool heater via the filter pump, where it’s then heated and pumped back into the pool. The 3kW heaters can be plugged into a normal electric socket, but will struggle if you have a pool that is larger than 12’. After this the heater has to be "hard wired" which means it needs to wired directly back to your fuse box, in most cases this is a job for an electrician.

The desired pool temperature can be easily set on the Elecro Vulcan heater using the panel-mounted thermostat dial in the case of the analogue model, in respect of the digital model by using the touch buttons, resulting in the temperatures being displayed clearly on the LCD screen. These pool heaters come in either single or three-phase power.

The Vulcan pool heater is manufactured from top quality components and materials at the Elecro manufacturing plant here in the United Kingdom. These units come fully equipped and pre-wired including a super sensitive flow switch, which allows safe coupling to both Intex and Bestway pools.

For the larger pools the cost of running an electric heater can be significant and investing in a heat pump, which although is initially a large investment, generally pays back after a year.

Solar Covers

A solar cover is essential to the running of your swimming pool in the UK. Not only will it generate free heat from the sun but it will also slow down heat loss and help to reduce evaporation. As the sun's rays pass through the cover, heat generated is trapped by the bubbles on the underside of the cover which in some cases can result in as much as 8°C+ temperature rise, a sunny day will of course help to achieve this. Most of us however are running the pool with a heater, whether it be a heat pump or electric, the aim is the same - keep the heat in the water. The solar pool cover retains the heat so that you can extend your swimming season into the cooler months and it reduced the evaporation by 95%.

Suitable for use with any above ground pool and can be cut to size if we don't have the exact size to match your pool. Also helps keep leaves etc. out of the water.

NB there should be a gap between the edge of the solar cover and the edge of pool to allow it to float freely just below the water line.