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Filter Pumps

Pool Filtration

To keep your pool clean you will need to keep your water free from dirt and small debris such as sand and mud. For this you will need a filter pump, there are 2 main types of filter pump, a cartridge filter pump, and a sand filter pump. In addition to a filtering system we would also recommend a maintenance kit for fishing out larger pieces of debris such as leaves and grass, see below for details.

Filter Cartridge Pump

The filter pump pumps water out of the pool and through a filter cartridge, trapping grime and cleaning the dirty water. The filter pump comes with two hoses which are plugged into different access points on the swimming pool and connected to an inlet or outlet on the filter pump. Clamps are used to secure the hoses and prevent them coming loose. Water is then pumped out through the inlet hose, cleaned by the filter cartridge and pumped back into the pool via the outlet hose. These filters have a cartridge made of filter paper inside that can be removed and washed using a garden hose or filter cleaner.  The cartridge will need to be replaced every couple of weeks to ensure that the filter is working effectively and it will then provide excellent water filtration.

Sand filter pumps

Sand filter pumps are a natural, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to clean the pool. Pool water is pumped through layers of sand inside a pressurised container. The dirt and debris are retained in the sand and when the filter becomes dirty it begins to restrict the flow of water. At this time the filter should be cleaned, the debris is removed by reversing the water flow, also known as back washing.  The sand in a sand filter only needs replacing approximately every 5 years making this the easiest and lowest maintenance way of filtering your water.


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