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Maintenance Kits

Maintenance Kits

Pool maintenance should be directly related to how often the pool is used, so if you use your pool regularly, then you should invest in a good skimmer. A skimmer is a net that’s used to fish out objects from the water. Skimming out floating debris such as leaves and dead insects from the water and emptying it is a process that can take less than two minutes, but keep your water cleaner for longer. If you have bushes and trees that are nearby, consider trimming them to prevent more work for yourself.

The pool walls and floor should ideally be brushed and vacuumed once a week. Even if you use an automatic above ground pool cleaner, brushing once a week is advisable.  Sunshine Pools offer a variety of vacuums and brushes to clean the walls and floor of your pool and skimmers to remove leaves and floating debris.


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