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Heatseeker Heat Pumps

Heatseeker Heat Pumps

The HeatSeeker Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are manufactured by one of the worlds largest Heat Pump companies who have built up a proven and reliable installation record worldwide for more than 15 years now.

Thanks to their unique fan and compressor design, (Japanese engineered, the most reliable on the market) Heatseeker Heat Pumps enjoy Whisper Quiet operation. Their Programmable Digital Control allows precise control of pool temperature, this Digital Controller can be installed remotely to enable convenient finger tip operation.

With their rugged design, Heatseeker Heat Pumps are suitable for outdoor installations and are supplied complete with standard Push-fit connections for 1.5 inch swimming pool ABS pipe work. The capital outlay of purchasing a Heat Pump has, in the past, been higher than other methods of heating swimming pool water. As Heat Pump technology has gained in popularity the cost of the equipment has reduced. It is now possible to buy a quality swimming pool Heat Pump at an affordable price.

Being extremely simple to install and available at a very attractive price, Heatseeker Heat Pumps are a very popular choice of heating for domestic pool owners here in the United Kingdom. Typically, in our seasonal conditions, these Heat Pumps perform most efficiently between the months of May through to September.


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  1. HeatSeeker 17kW Vertical Heat Pump (HSE170)

    • Digital remote controlled
    • Pool Volume 70m³
    • Running current 16.1 Amps
    • Start up current 65 Amps
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