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Frame Pools

Pools are a great addition to the garden and perfect for summer holidays.  They offer weeks and weeks of pleasure to you and your family and there’s no excuse for the kids to pester you for expensive toys or day trip as an above ground pool will keep definitely keep them and their friends entertained all day.

Sunshine pools sell only the highest quality pools from leading UK brands PlasticaBestway and Intex.  The metal frame pools are a sturdier alternative to an inflatable pool and can make your garden the place to entertain family and friends.  Frame pools are ideal for families that use their gardens for multiple purposes such as exercise, relaxing or playing a water game. They are cost-effective, easy to set up and take down and have good longevity.

These pools are made to the highest specification. The semi-rigid pool is made from reinforced PVC, sandwiched with close weave, tightly woven Nylon webbing, and is supported by rust-resistant, galvanised steel frames.  They are easy and quick to set up, with even the largest pools usually ready to fill in under an hour.  No tools are required as all the metal beams and joints either pin or snap together.  These pools have been designed to be compatible with filter pumps, heaters and other accessories such as ladders and debris covers.

Both Bestway and Intex offer a ‘deluxe’ version of their metal frame pools as well as a standard version.  Intex call these pools ‘Ultra’, while Bestway call them ‘Power Steel’.  In both cases these are premium pools with stronger frames.  Premium pools also often come with a range of accessories included in the package and make a real statement in your garden. 

Contact Us for advice to select the best swimming pool for you, or click here for our Which Swimming Pool Guide.



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